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MKx 01 cover by icanseeyourmonkey MKx 01 cover by icanseeyourmonkey

Moose Kid Comics, the online children’s comic I edit, has just released a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! 27 artists, 16 pages, all-ages, free to read or download at

One of the reasons Moose Kid Comics was set up was to show how great children’s comics can be, because we have so many brilliant artists with mad ideas. For this Christmas Special, everyone pulled out their festive A-game, and I’m so so chuffed with what we’ve produced. I really hope you like it too.

At the same time, we’re launching a fundraiser to get printed copies of Moose Kid Comics sent out to children in hospital, because I think that’s where comics can really come into their own. Delighting and inspiring kids who really need cheering up. Thanks to a lot of kind donators we’re on track to hit our target already but please consider joining in, and/or sharing our campaign. The more we can raise, the more good we can do:…

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December 1, 2015
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